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ABM is now the default choice for the best high-growth B2B companies who sell to larger companies. We will explain how it can find your product-market-fit, land huge enterprise deals, predict the future and scale fast.

Course information

| Intermediate | 1 week | Mon, Wed & Fri | 12pm UK time | 3 x 1-hour classes |

Suitable for: B2B SaaS Founders, Sales & Marketing leaders,
and B2B marketing practitioners.

Course syllabus

Class 1

The Foundations
of ABM

  • Why ABM?: What it actually means, and why it’s the strategy du jour

  • ABM as learning: How ABM finds and scales product-market-fit

  • Core Assets: What you need to do before you get started 

  • Eyes on the prize: Laying out what good looks like

Class 2

The Agile ABM Strategy

  • ABM as learning: How ABM finds and scales product-market-fit

  • From Zero to Hero: Standing up your processes, people and tools

  • The ABM plan: Channels, tactics and budgets galore

Class 3

Fine-Tuning the ABM Engine

  • Metrics that matter: Managing and optimising to scale

  • ABM Insider: Tips and tricks from the frontline

  • Culture change: Becoming customer-centric across teams

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