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In this advanced outbound prospecting course, you will align your sales conversation strategy with your prospect’s behaviours. Create more opportunities with less friction, short cycles & high yields. Build laser-focused, actionable & persuasive content assets.

Course information

| Advanced | 3 weeks | 2pm UK time | 6 x 1 hour live classes |

Suitable for: Outbound Prospectors with at least 1 years experience
Customer Success Managers

Course syllabus

Class 1

The Compel

With Content Structure

  • Trust, content, and selling

  • Facts vs. implications

  • Using story to guide prospects to the next step

Class 2

The Framework

  • The arc of the sales conversation

  • Use of the framework in the sales pipeline

  • Stages, buyer awareness, and activities

Class 3

Uncovering Obstacles

  • Building the influence map

  • Finding & codifying pain

  • Using the Obstacles, Outcomes, Opportunities (O-O-O) worksheet

Class 4

Creating Outcomes

  • Finding & codifying gain

  • Exploring contrast between obstacles & outcomes

  • Moving from emotion to logic

Class 5

Differentiation & Opportunities

  • Exploring differentiators

  • Proof & specificity

  • Linking to the call-to-action

Class 6

Putting It

All Together

  • The Content map

  • Different messages for
    different stages

  • Channels, cadences & strategies

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