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About this course

After this fundamentals course, you will understand what it takes to ensure customers’ success and thus accelerate your company’s growth. From the sales handover to implementing regular customer touchpoints, managing renewal conversations, segmenting the customer base, building cross-functional account plans, understanding key metrics and health scores, and amplifying the customer voice internally, you will gain perspective on each stage of the customer’s lifecycle and how to measure and communicate this internally. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the fundamentals to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with your customers, increase retention, and maximise customer lifetime value.

Course information

| Foundational | 5 weeks | Tues & Thurs | 2pm UK time | 10 x 1 hour classes |

Customer Success Managers, Team Leads, New Heads of Customer Success

Course syllabus

Class 1

What Customer Success Is &
What It Isn’t

  • Why Customer Success is critical for rapid scale & long term sustainability

  • What Customer Success is NOT & how to avoid falling into traps

  • What is a Trusted Advisor and how to establish this relationship with the customer

Class 2

Kicking-Off for Success

  • Coordinating cross-functionally and developing a scalable handover process

  • Creating a seamless customer experience 

  • Setting the customer up for success and setting, managing & measuring goals

Class 3

Staying Close to Your Customers

  • Talking about value

  • Engaging stakeholders of all levels

  • Setting the right cadence

Class 4

Managing Renewal Conversations

  • How to focus on mutual value and win-win negotiations without ‘selling’

  • Maintaining the relationship during difficult conversations

  • Conducting the correct internal process and accountability

Class 5

Segmenting Your Customer Base

  • Why & when to tier the customer base

  • Different ways to segment your customers

  • Common engagement models

Class 6



  • Why account & expansion planning is important

  • Creating & executing a cross functional plan

  • Gaining customer buy-in

Class 7

Building Your Customer Success Team 

  • Planning your hiring 

  • Interviewing candidates effectively

  • Providing a consistent customer experience as you grow

Class 8

Managing Customer Success as

a Business

  • Knowing your key metrics

  • The voice of the customer

  • Tracking your metrics

Class 9

Measuring Health and Risk

  • Building a health score/early warning approach

  • Using the score to prioritise effectively

  • Evolving the health score

Class 10

Amplifying the Voice

of the Customer

  • Building a customer-centric culture 

  • Creating product feedback loops

  • Educating your business

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