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About this course

A relatively new concept in B2B marketing Demand Generation drives awareness of your product or service amongst your target audience, converts that awareness into highly qualified inbound leads, and works with the sales team to convert those leads into valuable customers.

Course information

| Foundational | 4 weeks | 1pm UK time | 12 x 1 hour live classes |

Suitable for: CEOs, Founders & senior teams in startups regardless of any marketing experience

Course syllabus

Class 1


  • Evolution of marketing

  • Demand Generation and why it is important

  • The funnel and benchmarking

Class 2

Integrating Demand Gen

  • The jargon buster - aligning on definitions

  • Metrics & KPIs

  • Working with other teams

Class 3

Intro to


  • What is messaging & why does it matter?

  • Resetting your messaging instincts

  • Developing your messaging approach

Class 4

Developing Messaging

  • Moving from problem solving to problem finding

  • Using insights in messaging

  • Adapting for different revenue scenarios

Class 5

Production & Distribution

  • Types of content

  • Resources (in-house, freelance, expert)

  • How, when, and who to distribute to

Class 6

Channel &

Tech Stack

  • Selecting the right channels

  • Adapting them for each stage of the funnel

  • Building your tech stack

Class 7

The Basics

  • How does SEO work?

  • On- and Off-page content strategy

  • Tools, data, and reporting

Class 8


  • Email categories and their purpose

  • Prospecting & nurture campaigns

  • Building a "clean" database

Class 9

Metrics & Targets

  • Definitions and how to calculate them

  • Industry benchmarks

  • Setting targets & budgets

Class 10

Quality vs

  • Why less is often more

  • Introduction to Lead Scoring and designing your model

  • Introduction to Lead Grading and designing your model

Class 11

Team Structure
& Hiring

  • Roles & responsibilities

  • Recruitment & interview process

  • Salaries and compensations

Class 12


Wrap Up

  • Course summary

  • Course quiz

  • Overall course Q&A

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