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About this course

Whether you’re a seasoned CMO or have just started as an SDR, this course will help you leverage the channel with the highest response rate, give you tangible ways to book more meetings with your dream customers, generate pipeline in a memorable way, close deals in style and keep existing customers happy like never before.


You will learn about the principles of gifting and how to make the small changes that make a big difference. Alex will help you create an informed sending strategy and generate real results by using smart follow-ups and integrating the offline channel into your existing tech stack.

Course information

| All Levels | 1 week | Tues & Thurs | 3pm UK time | 3 x 1-hour classes |

Suitable for:

Leaders and end-users in B2B Sales, Marketing, SDRs and Customer Success

Course syllabus

Class 1

Surprise and Delight: Creating a First-Class Experience

  • Giftology and Direct Mail 2.0 - a deep dive into corporate gifting and the resurgence of B2B Direct Mail

  • Designing your own sending strategy using the R.E.A.C.H. framework

  • Crafting the perfect message & understanding the gifting lifecycle

Class 2

Ready to Play: Building Your Own Playbook

  • Understanding always-on, one-off and triggered campaigns

  • Setting the scene for building your own playbook

  • A deep dive into how to craft the perfect SDR, Sales, Marketing & Customer Success gifting playbook

Class 3

Delivering Success: Integrating Gifting Into Your Workflow

  • Measuring what matters, calculating ROI & adding direct mail and gifting to your sequences

  • Integrating the physical channel into your Marketing Automation and CRM

  • How to use video and gifting and drive conversion using smart follow-ups

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