What is Fundraising Unplugged?

This residency was created to give an honest, straightforward, and practical view on raising your next round of funding. With fundraising now more difficult than ever before, Jonathan Hollis, Co-founder of Mountside Ventures, is embarking on an online educational odyssey, where you will learn about all aspects of the fundraising process.

Upcoming Broadcasts

5th November

Diving into the world of Family Office

Diving into the world of CVC

4th February

Diving into the world of EIS Funds

4th March

Diving into the world of VC

8th April

Diving into the world of Angel

6th May

Term Sheets and How to Interpret Them

Past Broadcasts

17th June

Toward Trust: A Leadership Fit for the 21st Century

15th July

Planning for the Impossible: Getting Strategic Planning Right

3rd September

How do VCs work?

13th August

Beyond a killer pitch deck with Jonathan Hollis

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