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In this foundational course, you will learn how to identify the real pain points in your target market, build ideal customer profiles, stakeholder maps and personas

Course information

| All Levels | Foundational | 5 weeks | 3pm UK time | 10 x 1-hour classes | Tuesdays & Thursdays

Suitable for: Startup CEOs, Founders, Product Leaders, Sales & Marketing Managers

Course syllabus

Class 1

No Pain, No Gain: Finding Your Pain Point

  • Identifying and expressing the real problems you solve

  • The huge difference between vitamins and pills

  • Clarifying the opportunity through your pain POINT

Class 2

Own It: Defining Your Niche

  • The incredible business benefits of going niche

  • Framework for finding and defining your niche

  • How to know you’ve found your niche

Class 3

Love at First Sight: Identifying Your ICP

  • The fundamentals of an Ideal Customer Profile 

  • Developing your ICP pre-sales

  • Evolving ICP from early Product-Market Fit

Class 4

To Infinity & Beyond: Defining Your Market

  • Advanced ICP development for scale

  • Defining your Total Addressable Market

  • Stakeholder mapping

Class 5

Nice to Know You: Getting Personal with Personas

  • What are personas and how to use them

  • Creating personas and anti-personas

  • Persona template

Class 6

Pitch Perfect: Communicating What You Do

  • Structuring your elevator pitch

  • Content development exercises

  • Pitch delivery practice

Class 7

Looking Good: GTM Models to Fit Your Business

  • The major GTM models

  • Which factors help you decide the right one

  • Switching your existing GTM model

Class 8

The SaaS Factory: Structuring Winning Teams

  • The power of specialising roles

  • Deep dive on Inside Sales roles & process

  • KPIs and expectations

Class 9

Bean Counting: Funnels, Metrics & Measuring Success

  • Lagging, Leading & Lever KPIs

  • The metrics that matter

  • Building out your growth model

Class 10

Pedal to the Metal: You’re GTM Ready

  • Reviewing your GTM strategy

  • How to apply it for rapid scaling

  • What to expect (and do) next

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