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About this course

Bring out the best performance in your team by developing a coaching leadership style. 


From hiring coachable reps, through to coaching under pressure, this course will help you with the practical knowledge required to coach people to the top of their game.

Course information

| Foundational | 3 weeks | Tues & Thurs | 12pm UK time | 1-hour classes |

For Sales / CS / Marketing / Rev ops Managers

Young, emerging or established leaders with soon to be or existing management responsibilities (or are responsible for coaching in their roles)

Course syllabus

Class 1

Everyone Is a Coach These
Days Right!?

  • Different perspectives of what coaching really is

  • The coaching gap: We think we’re coaching but the data says we’re not 

  •  How to start coaching today

Class 2

What’s Stopping You Being a Great Coach?

  • What stops revenue leaders coaching?

  • The benefits of coaching for sales leaders

  •  The qualities of a great coach

Class 3

Building a
Winning Coaching Environment

  • Create a coaching environment 

  • The role ‘ownership’ plays in coaching

  • The 5 biggest coaching mistakes & how to avoid them

Class 4

Empower Your Team With Powerful Coaching Questions

  • A set of powerful coaching questions

  • The use of language in powerful coaching conversations

  • Your approach to asking great questions

Class 5

Learn How
to Grow

  • The rhythm of the coaching conversation

  • Hold a coaching conversation with confidence

  • Use the GROW coaching model

Class 6

Go Forth 

and Coach

  • How to coach through the employee life cycle

  • Hiring coachable sales reps

  • The ingredients of a coaching culture & what coaching means for you

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