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When Sales Impact Academy co-founder Paul Fifield raised a series A in New York for his MarketingTech SaaS company Ceros, he suddenly found himself in the role of Chief Revenue Officer, having never done it before, and with added pressure of a well known Venture Capital firm who wanted results.


It was 2012, and he was now living in a new country, a new city with zero network. It was the very definition of sink or swim and a deeply uncomfortable and agonising experience! But what kept Paul up at night wasn’t the ‘sales’ part of the job - he knew that creating regular, quality pipeline was the key to success. But he had no idea how to create a predictable flow of sales opportunities with US Chief Marketing Officers. 


In a state of desperation, Paul followed every SaaS Venture Capitalist and sales leader he could find on Twitter and read practically every book and blog on sales. His frantic research led him to a recently published book called ‘Predictable Revenue’, by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler. It was a career and life-changing find.  


Suddenly the world of sales went from mysterious, confusing and scary to clear, logical and predictable. Everything started to make sense, role specialisation within sales teams, modern techniques to initiate conversations with buyers that was palatable and a process that led to predictable, repeatable sales. 


As soon as he finished reading the book in one sitting, Paul emailed Aaron, still a relatively unknown figure in sales in the US. He actually offered Aaron a job(!) and after being politely declined, secured the next best thing: a 6-month consulting engagement with both Aaron and Marylou over video and in person. Thankfully at pre-fame rates!   


Predictable Revenue quickly became regarded as a seminal piece of work in modern enterprise sales, and the principles were adopted by almost every major B2B tech company in the US. The role of the dedicated outbound prospector or SDR (Sales Development Representative) was born and now there are over 1 million SDRs operating in the US alone.


Aaron went on to write a follow-up book ‘From Impossible to Inevitable’ and featured the SDR hiring process created by Paul during their consulting engagement, holding it up as global gold standard in SDR hiring.  


Thanks to the Predictable Revenue framework, Ceros went on to become a major US SaaS company with over 300 employees and $10s of millions in annual recurring revenue having raised over $35 million. It's still going strong in Manhattan today. 


Paul came back to the UK in 2015 and joined a young startup called UNiDAYS. That’s where he met Sales Impact Academy Co-founder, Alexandra Damgaard, who was Head of the EMEA SDR team.


Putting all the same outbound principles into play again, UNiDAYS went from $2M - $40M in revenue in just 3 years, with Alexandra building and coaching a large pan-European team that delivered global brands like Samsung, Nike and many others, and was pivotal to the rapid success of UNiDAYS.   


Alexandra brings her years of leadership and coaching experience from her work at Amazon UK and time spent in the professional education sector and online training. With her Masters degree in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, Alexandra ensures our courses are highly pedagogical and methodically taught.

Alexandra and Paul are excited to now bring all of that experience to the UK technology industry. It is clear the UK has fallen behind when it comes to sales and the techniques that have created unicorn after unicorn in the US. So they want to do something about it, by upskilling UK tech at scale and help companies transform their revenue growth & valuations.

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