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Andrew’s Reading List for Marketing Leaders!

Updated: Sep 30

Nuggets of the week: Andrew’s Reading List for Marketing Leaders!

This week we worked through some of the techniques you can use to build a strategic narrative for your marketing with Andrew Davies-Head of Brand & Digital at Episerver. Take some time to review the super valuable reading list Andrew shared during the Building A Strategic Narrative - Lessons From The Frontline broadcast!

When everyone in a business, including the customers, are speaking the same language, closure rates increase and deal cycles reduce. Storytelling and strong narratives in marketing ‘galvanises’ the funnel! There are several ways to approach developing your own customer story...and these books detail the how and why!

Andrew’s Reading List:

Christopher Lochhhead, Author of Play Bigger, was live on the In This Together platform this week. Catch up on his broadcast here and get insights straight from the horse's mouth!

Don’t get left behind creating new products. This book shows companies that they must create whole new categories that set them apart!

Erik Peterson, Tim Riesterer, Conrad Smith & Cheryl Geoffrion produced the hugely impactful, Three Value Conversations (2015). It provides the techniques and methods you need to differentiate yourself and your product from the competition. Embrace the storyteller within you!

Erik Peterson & Tim Riesterer are at it again with Conversations That Win The Complex Sale: Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate your Solutions, and Close More Deals (2011). I mean, the title says it all really!

Geoffrey A. Moore’s ‘Business Bestseller’ book, Crossing The Chasm - Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers, was published in 1991 and it is still relevant today! It was dubbed one of Inc. Magazines top 10 Marketing Books of all time.

You may be surprised to see Joseph Campbell’s book from 1949, A Hero With 1000 Faces, in this list. The text has influenced many salespeople who understand that they are fundamentally storytellers. It combines modern psychology with mythology and outlines the universal storyline of the ‘hero’! A narrative used not only in sci-fi and fantasy novels, but in marketing campaigns also.

Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson published The Challenger Sale in 2011. This book teaches you ‘how to take control of the customer conversation’ and build relationships by challenging the customer. The secret to sales success according to them!

Also check out Velocity Partners blog posts ‘What’s after content marketing? The galvanizing story, Part 1’ and ‘Eight strategic story arcs that shape almost every B2B narrative’.

Rooster Punk have also put together a series on B2B storytelling specifically relevant to the technology and financial services sector. Find out more here.

Let us know what you thought of any of these books and whether you think Andrew has missed any big players in the comments. Catch up on the full broadcast, “Building A Strategic Narrative - Lessons From The Frontline”, on our Youtube Channel!

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