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BYP Network Leads The Conversation On Race Issues In The Workplace

Updated: Jun 24

Over the last few weeks, a global spotlight has been shone on appalling acts of racist violence, as well as more subtle expressions of racism in the media, health and social care, and in day to day life. Black men and women are being brutally murdered, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, together with Belly Mujinga, who was assaulted in London Victoria by a man with Covid-19, who spat at her and was released without identity and a closed case.  

She later went on to die of the disease. 

We must stand together and be consciously anti-racist. At SIA, we are proactively engaging in conversations about biases, and want to use this platform to promote the BYP Network (Black Young Professionals Network), which was founded in 2016 to “change the black narrative by bringing the black professional global community together”.

BYP Network is hosting an event on June 15th: Corporate Allyship With The Black Community - From Talk to Action. Please register here. We also want to encourage you all to read the BYP blog piece, that gives you practical suggestions on supporting your black colleagues, and sign up to the BYP Network bi-weekly educational newsletter, which is focused on the black experience, and how you can be a real ally in the workplace and beyond.

For more ways you can help please visit Black Lives Matter.

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