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Career progression from SDR to AE - Discover the magic formula!

Updated: Jul 23

Joanne Smith, Callan Howard, and Ilaria Giacon join us in a special live panel discussion on how they made the leap from SDR to AE. Register and tune in to this event to get solid advice on best practice techniques for career progression in Sales.

What’s special about Sales career progression is the clear promotion pathway at each stage. Each requires a different set of skills that you must successfully transition into in order to make an immediate impact-this makes progression challenging for some.

For example, entry-level roles like Sales Development Reps (SDRs) involve prospecting leads, maintaining momentum with discovery, and setting up meetings for closers. SDR’s who master this go on to become Account Executives (AEs) who are the ones in the meetings closing the deals. You have to have good presentation and interpersonal skills to manage these meetings effectively - somewhat different from the data-driven skills of an SDR who has to prioritise prospects, plan good discovery calls, and find effective sequences for their outbound touchpoints.

Further down this career trajectory are Sales Managers and Sales Directors. The most successful of sales leaders go on to become Vice President of Sales who are sometimes promoted to Chief Revenue Officers (CRO). Overall, the time it takes to progress varies and can depend on your own drive and approach to promotion. Next week’s live broadcast, ‘Going From SDR to AE: High Performers Panel’ will inform us on how to master the first steps to this process.

Join our panel on Monday 27 July at 4pm UK time to dive into the detail. Be sure to register for what is going to be an insightful event.

The panel will cover:

1. How to kickstart the conversation on getting a promotion.

2. The roadmap to getting there.

3. How to meet targets.

4. How to prepare to make the transition.

More about our panel…

  • Joanne Smith - As Account Executive at Signal AI, Joanne has worked with global brands to support them with AI-driven, human-led, reputation and industry intelligence that enables them to detect emerging trends in industry and create robust strategic plans. Some of her clients include Deloitte, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Centrica and Pearson. We are really looking forward to hearing from her!

  • Callan Howard - Callan started off as an Account Manager at AFISHAL Music Ltd where all his leads were inbound; It was a bit of a jump when he took on roles focussed on outbound. Five and a half months into his role as a Business Development Representative at Juro, Callan decided he wanted to be an AE and managed to achieve this before his first year at the company had elapsed. We can’t wait to find out how he did this in our panel discussion!

  • Ilaria Giacon - As Partnerships Manager at Unibuddy, Ilaria helps universities find best-fit students through technology and the smart application of data. She has experience of international markets and an extensive understanding of different cultures, which is important in Sales. She will share how she went from Sales Assistant to Partnerships Executive, to Partnerships Manager in our live broadcast!

Remember to register to take part in the discussion and ask these experts some questions of your own. You’ll have full access to them for a whole hour!

You can also take a look at some of our on-demand content which covers similar topics on our Youtube Channel!

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