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Debuting this week - The brand new residency ‘Fundraising Unplugged’!

Updated: Sep 30

We will be giving you the lowdown on fundraising in business during our jam-packed residency, hosted by Jonathan Hollis, Managing Partner of Mountside Ventures. The series of live broadcasts seeks to follow Mountside Venture’s mission of optimising the fundraising process for startups and investors. We’ll kick this off by taking you through the essentials! This week, tune in to How to write a killer VC pitch deck! Make sure you register to hear from an expert who’s not afraid to say it how it is.

What is Fundraising Unplugged?

This residency was created to give an honest, straightforward, and practical view on raising your next round of funding. With fundraising now more difficult than ever before, Jonathan is embarking on an online educational journey, where you will discover what funding you may qualify for, the steps you can take to prepare for investment and how to position your business in the best light.

“We’re big believers in sharing best practice with as many companies as possible on all aspects of fundraising. I hope this series will provide some practical and actionable insights on a topic that is often talked about, but which is still a major pain point for founders and management teams.” Jonathan Hollis

Tuning in to this residency may very well save you time when it comes to getting funded and give you the applicable tools you need to secure investment.

The broadcast will take place on Thursdays 16 July at 4pm UK time and will make up part of the In This Together CEO & Founders Track. You can catch Fundraising Unplugged monthly, every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Find out more about the host.

As the Managing Partner of Moutside Ventures, Jonathan Hollis is well equipped to advise on the skills needed to obtain funding from venture capital firms. Mountside Ventures is a company which specialises in helping early-stage companies and VC fund managers raise their next round of funding. How do they do this?

  • Firstly, they help the most ambitious entrepreneurs raise their next round of funding, with terms that are right for them, and causing the least amount of disruption to their business.

  • Secondly, they connect the most promising Venture Fund Managers with forward-looking Limited Partners to promote the flow of venture capital into the European ecosystem.

In terms of Jonathan’s own achievements, he has previously launched PwC's early-stage propositions whose alumni have raised over £400m with a combined valuation of £2bn. He is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and holds the CISI Corporate Finance Certificate, which is recognised by the FCA. He also runs Tech London Advocates’ SaaS Group and is a mentor on a number of accelerators-so definitely a person you want to be listening to!

What’s on this week’s broadcast cover?

Fundraising Unplugged: How to write a killer VC pitch deck

  1. How to put your best foot forward.

  2. How to come across as credible with investors from the get-go.

  3. Dive into the 10 areas to include in a killer pitch deck.

Make sure you register for what is going to be a killer broadcast - and one of many. Pass this knowledge around the business community and share this event with anyone you think needs to hear it. There is enough success to go around!

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