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Dynamic duo break new ground with ‘Customer Success Fundamentals’ course - Coming soon!

Updated: Sep 18

The next few months are exciting times for Sales Impact Academy as we are introducing a whole bunch of new courses to our catalogue-one being the much-anticipated Customer Success Fundamentals course led by new coaches Laura Kightlinger and Nilanga Fernando. This new course will help CS professionals gain perspective on each stage of the customer’s life cycle and how to measure and communicate this internally.

Customer Success Fundamentals is a dream come true for post sales teams, customer success managers, and account leads who are battling to build and sustain customer revenue and retention. With so much riding on customer services to create a strong and loyal client base, it is amazing that there is so little professional help and education out there on how to get it right. Well, our course is about to fill that knowledge gap!

The new course consists of ten one-hour live interactive classes where you will have intimate access to industry experts who have successfully built customer success functions in business. The classes will take you through how to successfully complete a sales handover, implement regular customer touchpoints, manage renewal conversations, segment the customer base, build cross-functional account plans, understand key metrics & health scores, and amplify the customer voice. Have a look at the syllabus here.

Customer Success Fundamentals starts Tuesday 3 November 2020 with classes spanning five weeks from start to finish.

Meet the coaches:

As the Global Head of Customer Success at Railsbank, Nils Fernando is contributing to the rapid growth of the global fintech company. He is responsible for leading customers to realise their outcomes on the platform and enabling great experiences for end users.

Prior to this he spent four years at MuleSoft, where he built and led the EMEA customer success team to over 35 people in eight countries, with an ARR under management of well over $100m over 400 customers. Over this time MuleSoft had a hugely successful IPO and were acquired by Salesforce a year later. Nils is therefore perfectly equipped to teach us all how to achieve and sustain customer growth and support a fast-pace scale up.

“Really excited to be teaching this fundamentals course alongside Laura, an awesome CS leader. We have designed it so that people can really accelerate their company’s growth through the right approach to Customer Success. It will cover the whole customer lifecycle.”

- Nils Fernando

Laura Kightlinger is currently the Senior Director of Customer Success (EMEA) at Seismic, the global leader in Sales Enablement. Laura started off the European CS team growing it to eight people across three countries, and counting. Prior to this she spent three years at Qubit-a UK based marketing technology company-building their global CS approach from the ground up. This meant creating all of the internal processes and operations for the department whilst also communicating the customer needs globally to an ever growing team across Europe and the US.

We can’t wait for Laura to impart her golden nuggets of wisdom, which she and Nils have built into the course, on how to get CS right in a scale-up!

“My love for scale-ups started at DocuSign in 2011, where I led the operations for the Recruitment team as we scaled from 200 to more than 700 employees in 18 months. I left DocuSign to pursue my MBA from INSEAD in Singapore and France, then made the move to London and Qubit in 2014.” - Laura Kightlinger

Join us on Tuesday 3 November 2020 for the launch of the course and sign up for Sales Impact Academy membership to reap the benefits.

Customer Success is critical for rapid scale & long term sustainability by helping you increase retention, and maximise customer lifetime value. Our Sales Impact Academy Customer Success Fundamentals course touches on this and what else you should be doing.

Learn more about becoming a member here.

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