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Happy Birthday Sales Impact Academy

It’s been a whole year since the launch of our FIRST course on our much beloved subscription-based online learning platform! Now that we have reached the humble age of ONE as a business, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on some key milestones and celebrate the things we and our customers have achieved.🎉

This has been a busy year; full of daily live events, continuous new hires, new coaches, new courses, the development of a new brand, new partnerships, a new events programme and more written content than ever before. We are also very thankful to all the new customers that have joined us and could not be more thrilled that we have been able to make a positive impact in your business.

Building the Team 🤩

On the 14 October 2019 we had a roster of only four coaches and in house we were a mighty but tiny team of three. We can now boast 25 coaches and have a team which is 25 strong and counting!!!

And though our mission has always been outwardly focused (to overcome the pretty bleak business failure rate in the UK of around 95% for tech start-ups) we have been able to build a tight knit, hardworking and incredibly fun team remotely!

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Fifield says, “Even though we are remote and most of us have never met, we have managed to create a joyful place to work.

“People are the centre of everything. Default to generosity and kindness when creating policies because this has a dramatic impact on culture! Because of this sentiment, we don't have a probation period and offer one of the most fair and beneficial employee share options plans in the industry.”

Co-founder and CPO, Alexandra Damgaard adds, “Our aims for workplace culture have always been the same. Flexible working, a good place to work no matter your circumstances, looking after mental health and encouraging a culture internally of empathy and understanding.”

We all know burnout can be common in a startup and this has been considered at every level when creating employee benefits and contracts. We work our buts off to achieve our collective goals-but we also make sure we take care of one another and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Here are some ‘then and now’ stats…

  • From 4 courses to 18 live courses with 4 more in development.

  • Grown from 5 companies to 50 on the books.

  • 600+ learners joined us over the year.

Your Requests Answered👂🏽

Our Customers have had their own successes over the year and we are proud to be part of their team development. Several companies are embedding our courses into their team members KPI's making our courses mandatory for performance reviews. SIA has started to become an essential aspect of their teams’ growth and continue to take on feedback so we can become even better for you over the next year.

For example, consistent feedback has been that the courses are better and more interactive when there are multiple coaches and guest speakers. So, we have developed three new courses with joint coaches! And we have a whole plethora of guest speakers to call upon in the future.

Also, product, account based marketing and stakeholder management are areas

regularly enquired after for course development, so we are delivering Product Marketing Fundamentals, Account Based Marketing and courses on leadership this year.

We are also continuing to grow our library of content through blogs and there’s whispers of a book soon to hit the shelves. We have a 50:50 split of scaleups and startups so we are eager to cater to the individual needs of each company at different stages of growth.

The Growth of Our Courses

“Our founding mission was to use our skills and experience to teach more businesses about taking their product to market, how to structure a sales team and do the role of an SDR, and not too much has changed,” said Alex.

“However, our catalog of courses has exploded! We have a rapidly expanding team of world-class coaches delivering across functions including sales,

marketing, customer success, people and leadership!”

Each new coach brings with them a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. We have been fortunate to be joined by the likes of Sir Clive Woodward who teaches a course on leadership called DNA of a Champion. We also have Author of The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message and #1 Most influential sales expert on LinkedIn, Daniel Disney, teaching the LinkedIn Social Selling Masterclass AND he is now developing a new course on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Some of our most exciting stats centre around our courses too:

Ben Wright & Tom Glason teaching Managing the Complete Sales Cycle, estimate that they have written 115,000 words in preparation for their course!

The average number of attendees for each class has more than doubled going from 12 to 40 over the year. Our Highest class attendance is an eye watering 82 with DNA of a Champion taking the prize.

Proudest Achievements

“A definite highlight of the year for us was our In This Together series of daily live broadcasts which brought together industry experts to share knowledge with the startup and scaleup tech community struggling through COVID-19”, said Paul.

We delivered 100+ live events with the help of 134 world-class speakers who volunteered many hours of their time, such as Mark Roberge, Nazma Qurban and Marylou Tyler. Our on-demand videos were watched 10,920 times. We’re still in shock that we managed to produce 99,000 minutes of educational content.

Almost 50% of our audience was from outside of the UK with viewers logging in from 86 different countries-it is great to know that we may have helped businesses globally.

What’s next for Sales Impact Academy?

“Looking to the future, we will be expanding into the US with the aim of building a team based in the states to offer more bespoke support and training to our growing customers across the pond,” said Alex.

We are also relaunching our brand as a little present to ourselves and our customers. It will showcase our modern approach to learning and our values will proudly feature on the site.

We are also launching a new events programme under the banner of the Masters Series and Impact Hours. Industry experts will share the knowledge and expertise behind some of the most successful tech companies and leaders in the world. Join us for our inaugural event on Thursday 22 October at 4pm UK time where we will learn the Seven Secrets to Scaling Success - From $0-$1b in Sales and Tableau.

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