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Introducing The Masters Series… 💥

Updated: Sep 30

As the world reboots and we begin to resume a sort-of “BAU” with our daily lives- making sure to avoid overusing words like ‘new normal’ and ‘challenging times’-we are excited to announce that we are developing a new series of impactful events which kickstart next month. Register for our inaugural event on scaling from zero to $1b in revenue at Tableau, with Kelly Wright and Elissa Fink here!

Our new events program will continue to showcase best in class speakers and content that aims to inspire, educate and help you grow your businesses. There’ll still be all the tips and tricks you have grown to love from In This Together, we are just giving you a better way of putting it into your busy schedules.

This means that our daily In This Together broadcasts will no longer be taking place with our final broadcast going on-air on Thursday 17 September with Flavia Popescu-Richardson on Raising Capital for Early Stage Founders in 2020. Instead, our new programme will be centred around monthly themes relevant to the tech industry, with keynote speakers appearing on our platform every month to discuss the topics in depth. These events will be supported by more granular and specific live discussions to provide practical and tangible advice to those who tune in.

Our new event program is a super exciting evolution of In This Together, and we are thrilled to announce our new co-sponsor, Seismic, who join Outreach as our headline partners and who together, make it possible for us to continue delivering top industry insights and talent to you every month.

Read on for more information on our new events...


In partnership with Outreach and Seismic

Our Master Series is a free monthly event where we bring together titans of industry who will disclose and discuss their journeys, achievements, top secrets, successes and failures so you can learn and be inspired by the journeys that made them (and their companies) brilliant.

Our first event will take place on Thursday 22 October 2020, at 4pm UK time and we are so excited to announce we will be joined by Kelly Wright and Elissa Fink.

Elissa Fink, former Chief Marketing Officer and Kelly Wright, former Executive Vice President of Sales at Tableau will be disclosing their Seven Secrets for Scaling Success - From zero to $1B in sales with insights from their journey that saw Tableau rise to the top of data visualization. Kelly joined Tableau in 2011 as their FIRST sales-person and progressed with the business to Executive Vice President of Sales with Elissa joining shortly afterwards and leading the marketing function as their Chief Marketing Officer.

Keeping a strong sales and marketing alignment at their heart, Kelly and Elissa were crucial in Tableau’s development to IPO and both observed the company scale from $0 to $1billion in revenue and ultimate sale to Salesforce for $15.7B.

Now the formidable duo will take to our stage presenting their seven secrets that powered their success over the years. An event not to be missed-register to save your spot below:

Learn more and register here AND keep an eye out for more information on our monthly themes, including Metrics Month in November and Predictions for 2021 in December.

Speaker details are top secret for now and will be revealed soon…


In partnership with Outreach and Seismic

Alongside our monthly, flagship Masters series our new Impact Hour events are coming to your calendar in October.

Ever signed up to an hour-long webinar and left 45 mins in feeling underwhelmed?

Our new Impact Hour events go beyond the hidden pitches often found in your average webinar and challenge the status-quo of overloaded panels. By bringing together expert and accomplished practitioners to discuss real world challenges, we aim to deliver high impact, practical talks that will educate the B2B start up and scale up community.

You’ll recognise our popular resident expert speakers, Pete Crosby and Jonathan Hollis who will continue to deliver their monthly instalments of Pete Digs Deep and Fundraising Unplugged, plus an absolutely stellar line up of new talent to cover all the bases on challenges faced in early-stage companies.

All our events will remain free to attend-just make sure you’re registered.

Finally, to reiterate, we are still in this together, we just named it something different. We will always continue to support your business, career journeys and share practical tips, best practice and vital knowledge.⭐️

See you in October for the launch of our new events programme!

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