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Meet Event Headliners, Kelly Wright and Elissa Fink!

Updated: Sep 30

We haven’t been able to stop talking about our up-and-coming live events programme, The Masters Series. We are kicking off the first event on Thursday 22 October at 4pm (UK time) with the two women who led the charge on scaling Tableau from $0 - $1b - Elissa Fink, former Chief Marketing Officer and Kelly Wright, former Executive Vice President of Sales. The two spent just over a decade at Tableau before it was acquired for $15.7b by Salesforce last year!

This series will consist of monthly free live events where we bring together titans of industry to disclose and discuss their journeys, career highlights, top tips and failures so that you can apply the tactics they used to become so successful. Want in on the excitement!? 👀 Register for the first event here.

More about our inaugural headliners:

We couldn’t believe our luck when the dynamic duo, Kelly & Elissa, agreed to give exclusive insight into the seven secrets that helped them take Tableau from zero to $1b in revenue in just 12 short years. They’ll be sharing the keys to scaling success and having a candid discussion about the challenges of building a business. It's not easy making it to a billion!

And if you don’t know who they are...where have you been!? These two are practically tech industry royalty, achieving results that very few can boast.

Elissa Fink was Tableau Software’s Chief Marketing Officer for 11 years until December 2018 when she semi-retired from the business. She has over 20 years experience helping companies improve their marketing operations through applied data analysis, having held executive positions in marketing, business strategy, product management and development.

Hear from the woman herself.

We caught up with Elissa to chat about her story so far…

Before Tableau, Elissa was Executive VP Marketing at IXI Corporation, now owned by Equifax. She has also served in executive positions at Tele Atlas (acquired by TomTom), TopTier Software (acquired by SAP), and Nielsen/Claritas (partly acquired by The Carlyle Group)...noticing a pattern? 👀 🎉 Elissa also sold national advertising for the Wall Street Journal giving her a varied and diverse career. She is someone who understood the different aspects of the Tableau business and appreciated the importance of sales and marketing alignment.

She is a leader who continues to contribute to the foundations of modern marketing through her advisory, investor and mentoring roles. In 2013, Elissa joined the Board of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) and now helps people and companies be more successful.

Most inspiringly, Elissa avidly supports the charity Operation Fistula who aim to end Fistula-a childbirth injury that occurs when a woman doesn’t get a c-section in time and faces lifelong injuries and the loss of a child- by providing support and much needed treatment. Donate here.

What’s Kelly got to say?

We grabbed some time with Kelly to get to know her…

Kelly Wright is a sales whiz who helped build Tableau Software into a powerhouse in data visualisation as their first sales hire. With over 25 years of experience in leadership, sales, operations, and strategy she is able to create best-in-class sales and marketing organisations. She assists companies in getting the most out of their people by developing great cultures and has helped teams navigate multiple stages of growth; through IPOs, global expansion, leadership transitions, business model changes, and demands of being a private and public company.

Kelly devotes a lot of time supporting the education and promotion of women in board director positions. She is a mentor at onBoarding Women Seattle, Co-Chair Seattle 2020 Women on Boards, and Pioneer at The Athena Alliance. She is currently promoting a 2020 Women on Boards event taking place on 19 November 2020 – check it out here!

Her current positions also include Board Director at Fastly, Board Director at Lucid, Board Director at Even Responsible Finance, Board Director at Amperity, Adjunct Professor at University of Wharton Foster Business School of Business, Board Advisor at, and Board Advisor at Hyperproof.

So join us on Thursday 22nd October 2020 where we will be revealing the Seven Secrets for Scaling Success - From zero to $1B in sales - with insights of Kelly and Elissa's career progression and how they managed to keep up with the demands of a rapidly scaling business.

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