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Pete Digs Deep is BACK with another killer panel!

Updated: Sep 30

The captivating Pete Digs Deep residency, in partnership with Kluster, is back at it again this week discussing ‘Planning for the Impossible: Getting Strategic Planning Right’ with a brilliant panel including Yetunde Hofmann, Alexandra Charters Zubko, Dr Mike Baxter!

The In This Together residency exploded onto the scene last month with its first session on 'trust' and 'leadership fit for the 21st Century', and has returned to ponder the ever-important notion of ‘Strategy’! They will wrestle with our inability to define this often vague term and how best to implement it, particularly in times of crisis. This discussion will not only touch on the broader picture thinking of employee focused strategy but also get into the granular detail of how to build a comprehensive strategic plan for your business, regardless of your size.

Be sure to register to take part in the discussion on Wednesday 15 July at 4pm UK time. Pete Digs Deep takes place monthly and makes up part of the In This Together Sales & Marketing Leaders track.

Learn more about the fantastic host

Pete Crosby is a Non-Executive Director at Kluster- a computer software company which enables world-class revenue reporting and forecasting for SaaS & Tech businesses. He just also happens to be Chair at the Manchester Revenue Collective, Founding Member at the London Revenue Collective, and Coach & Consultant at Scalewise! His well rounded and extensive experience makes him the perfect host of these riveting debates. You can rely on Pete to leave no stone unturned and really dig deep into the issue at hand.

The Panelists:

This week the residency will feature a star-studded line up of impressive business leaders with a range of diverse approaches to strategy.

  • Dr Mike Baxter - As the CEO and Founder of Sales Logiq and Director & Product Lead of Goal Atlas Ltd, Mike has extensive experience as a Specialist Strategy Facilitator. He has worked with some of the world's largest brands such as Cisco, Google, HSBC, Skype and Sony PlayStation and will be imparting his years of wisdom during this week's discussion. Mike is also a Consultant & Specialist Trainer at Econsultancy, so when it comes to defining strategy and its impact on organisational change management and business growth, he is our guy.

  • Alexandra Charters Zubko - This panelist is obsessed with digital disruption and believes in creating cultures that are ideal for growth. Her experience as Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co. and Co-Founder & General Manager Americas at Triptease, makes Alexandra the perfect person to tell us how to think about strategic planning as a startup. She also claims the title of Vice President & Head of Global Strategy at IGH, one of the world’s leading hotel companies.

What’s on this week?

Strategy should be inspiring, purpose-led, resilient and able to anticipate a far off future state. And yet, most of us struggle to define it. How does strategy & strategic planning differ and what applicable and immediately actionable advice is available to us? Join a panel of experts as they dive into the details...

Points for discussion:

  1. How do we plan for an unknown future?

  2. What frameworks can we develop to be a winner who sees what their category will look like in 5 years’ time?

  3. How should we adapt our thinking to place our teams front & centre of strategy development?

  4. Is the whole idea of strategy past its sell-by date?

Make sure you register for what is going to be a killer broadcast - and one of many. And catch up on last month's Pete Digs Deep broadcast on our YouTube Channel.

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