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About this course

In this course, you’ll be challenged to rethink your existing approach to outbound prospecting.


We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of recording custom sales videos, how and where to send them and how to track engagement.


You’ll learn video best practices, body language and visual techniques and how to craft compelling messaging around your videos to maximize their response rates. Whether you’re an SDR focusing on outbound prospecting, or an AE trying to crack into key accounts, this course will show you how to integrate different styles of videos into your outbound sequences for maximum impact.

Course information

| All Levels | 2 weeks | Mon, Wed & Fri | 3pm UK time | 10 x 1-hour classes |

Suitable for: Any sales professional engaged in outbound prospecting or lead generation.

Course syllabus

Class 1

Getting Started With Video in Prospecting

  • Why video is so impactful in modern outbound prospecting

  • Different types of videos you can use in your prospecting sequences

  • How to get started with recording videos and sharing via email and LinkedIn

Class 2

Creating Video Messages That Convert

  • Understanding the anatomy of a great prospecting video

  • Optimizing your subject line, intro copy, and thumbnail image to maximize conversions

  • When to use videos in your outbound sequence for maximum impact

Class 3

Top Video Templates and How to Scale Video

  • Real-world examples of video messages that work

  • Repeatable video templates that can be personalized for success

  • Best practices for scaling your use of video in an efficient manner

Class 4

Tech and Techniques: How to Be Great on Camera

  • Setting yourself up for success with the right video gear

  • How to be authentic, engaging, and confident on camera

  • Simple hacks to take your videos to the next level

Class 5

Using Video Beyond Prospecting

  • Leveraging video for inbound lead engagement

  • Using custom videos throughout the sales process to shorten deal cycles and increase close rates

  • Real examples from real sellers seeing big results

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