“The content of GTM Fundamentals and now Demand Gen and Outbound Prospecting has been life-changing!

It’s giving me the practical step-by-step playbook that I needed 12 months ago. I cringe with embarrassment and excitement every day about how bad we’ve been and how good we can be in the next weeks and months ahead!”


- My Customer Lens

 "My highlight of working at Student Beans has been the training that SIA delivered"

- Student Beans, SDR 3 month review

"Great course which introduced me to both theoretical & practical sides of sales, really helped us in the formation of our sales team"


“Thanks for leading the Outbound Prospecting course, I was in your class in April and really enjoyed the lessons. I’ve been an SDR since Oct 2019 and found I still took a lot away from it, particularly with the video prospecting advice (I landed a meeting with a top prospect off the back of this and my whole team now uses videos in our sequences!) I also found it gave me a lot of confidence to talk about sales processes and the techniques I use, my manager and I were on the panel for SDR anonymous with Siofra a couple of weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. I don’t think I would’ve had the confidence to do this without doing your course”

- zencargo

"Sales Impact Academy is a must-have for any Outbound Prospecter. The course really gave me the toolkit and confidence needed to thrive in my role. Understanding how to prospect is fundamental but understanding who to prospect is where Sales Impact Academy really develops your skills. We're already seeing the benefits of the course day to day."


 “We’re executing as we go. The techniques I’ve learned in Outbound Prospecting has resulted in our response rates increasing from 2% to 18%” 

- Proov

"I can't recommend Sales Impact Academy enough. The in-depth analysis and coaching was so insightful on how to master prospecting life! Since starting the course we increased our qualified leads 6 fold - amazing!"


"Comprehensive and personalised classes meaning they were relevant and engaging. Thank you for helping us get a stronger understanding of the prospecting process"


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