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About this course

This is a follow-on course from Outbound Prospecting where you will leverage high-impact, meaningful activities. Improve the performance of your workflow, building from desire towards habit. Measure, test and improve your system for a high velocity of wins.

Course information

| Intermediate | 3 weeks | 2pm UK time | 6 x 1 hour live classes |

Suitable for: Outbound Prospectors with at least 6 months experience and who have attended Outbound Prospecting & Prospecting Through Sequences

Course syllabus

Class 1

Introduction to Blended Pipelines

  • How Blended Pipelines work

  • Distinguish blended lead types

  • Build the correct pipeline structure for blended opportunities

Class 2

Cold Conversations

  • Plan a call schedule designed to secure more meetings

  • Assemble 3-4 conversation openers that instantly build rapport

  • Craft desired outcomes for specific sales conversations

Class 3

Warm Conversations

  • Why follow-up?

  • Special considerations for follow-up

  • 7 Key strategies to build relationships on a massive scale

Class 4

Practically Perfect Email

  • Create effective, consistent & high producing e-mails

  • Start engaging & interesting conversations

  • Create a system that supports successful prospecting so you can scale

Class 5



  • Get meetings through prospecting campaigns

  • How to set up multi-touch, multi-channel follow-up

  • When to use blitz calling in your campaigns

Class 6

Testing &


  • Measure & optimize your sales pipeline

  • Optimization indicators to consider

  • Prioritization of discovered issues

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