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About this course

In this course on email automation, you will learn how to capture and use data to create engaging email campaigns. 

From building out your campaigns and creating dynamic content, to optimising those campaigns with lead management and reporting, this course will provide a real insight into everything you need to know about Email Automation.

Course information

| Intermediate | 1 week | Mon, Wed & Fri | 12pm UK time | 3 x 1-hour classes |

Suitable for: CMO/Head of Marketing, Marketing Automation specialists, Digital marketeers, Content marketeers, Product marketeers, Demand Centre and Field Marketeers

Course syllabus

Class 1

Understanding Your Data

  • What information to capture and why

  • An overview of marketing platforms 

  • How to use your data: lead scoring & grading

Class 2

Building Out

Your Campaigns

  • Lead capture

  • Creating dynamic content

  • Automated nurture campaigns

Class 3

Lead Management and Reporting

  • Integrating with your CRM

  • Managing your leads
    end to end 

  • Optimising your campaigns: Reporting & Analytics

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