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What is Pete Digs Deep?

Pete Digs Deep is a monthly panel show for SIA which dives deep into the issues faced by commercial leaders. Every month Pete invites epic individuals & thought leaders who he has learnt from & been inspired by; bringing them together to dig deep on some vital topics.

Upcoming Broadcasts

19th August

The Science Behind
the Psychology
of Selling

with special guests Jon Pitts,
Tom Glason and Grant LeBoff

16th September

How Biased Are You?
The competitive advantage in deploying neuro atypicality

with special guests Dr Helen Taylor, Simon Bloom and Tanwen Crosby

21st October

What the VP Sales needs to know about Fundraising

with special guests Luke Hakes,
Pete Carway and Hugh Campbell 

18th November

What the Founder wants from the VP Sales

with special guests Ivan Mazour, Dan Serfaty, Adam Hale and Dan Thompson

16th December

Scaling: Tips from the best in the world

with special guests Mark Roberge, John Barrows, Geoff Perfect and Andy Bounds 

20th January

A Winning

with special guests Constantine Laloudis, Sophie Christensen,

David Hamer and Martin Tucker

17th February

Otherness: what it's like not to be you in your organisation

with special guests Yomi Adegoke,
Asad Dhunna and Steve O'Hear 

17th March

Hiring Like A Boss:
A How-To Guide

with special guests Gemma Lockhart, Vicky Booth, Gavin Sumner, Maddy Cross and Cat Navarro

21st April

The KPIs you should know in your sleep & why you need them

with special guest Rory Brown

19th May

Why your funding round ain't making the tech press

with special guests Mike Butcher,
Colette Balou Balou, Martin Bryant, Stefan Fountain and Monty Munford

Past Broadcasts

17th June

Toward Trust: A Leadership Fit for the 21st Century

with special guests Susanne Jacobs, Alan Kenny and Lucy Fox

15th July

Planning for the Impossible: Getting Strategic Planning Right

with special guests Mike Baxter, Alexandra Charters Zubko and Yetunde Hofmann

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