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Sales & Marketing Leaders

"5 Things On The Minds Of The World's Leading Revenue
Executives Right Now"

"Sales and Marketing Alignment -

Maybe Your Best Lever For Growth"

"The Science Of
Re-Establishing Growth"

Sam Jacobs
Founder of the Revenue Collective

Tom Glason, Munya Hoto, Nicola Anderson, Ben Miller & Mark Walker

Mark Roberge

Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital, Former
CRO of Hubspot, & Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School

"How To Be An Emotionally Intelligent Remote Leader"

"How To Pull Off A Virtual

Conference In Record Time"

"Outbound Prospecting Mistakes Even Smart Sale Leaders
Are Making

Ryan Scheuermann

Former Director of Engineering at InVision

Pete Crosby, James Lewendon, Nazma Qurban and Bethany Ayers

Max Altschuler

CEO & Founder of Sales Hacker

CEO & Founders

"The War For Talent 2.0"

"What I Hate About You!

Startup Issues With Corporates"

"Who's Actually Investing In
Europe - And How Do You Best Engage?

Alex van Klavern & Alex Arnot

Robert Mollen & John Mushriqui

Jonathan Hollis

Managing Partner, Mountside Ventures

"What Happens Next With US Expansion and Fundraising?"

"Employment Law: Latest Guidelines On How To Manage Your Workforce In A Rapidly Evolving Landscape"

"Investment And Corporate Insights

From PwC For CEO & Founders"

Daniel Glazer & Michael Labriola

Harry Abrams & Dominic Holmes

Glen Waters, James Heath,
Edward Reid & Gary Saunders

Sales Teams

"Using Prioritisation and Sequence

Strategy To Get More
Qualified Opportunities

"Outbound In An Era Of

Economic Uncertainty"

"The Art Of Self-Coaching"

Sam Nelson & Ken Amar

"Using Deep Discovery To Build

Maximum Momentum In Your Deals"

"Sharpening Your Sales Skills To Maximise Impact -

Using Daily OKRs"

"Social Selling In The New World"

Marketing Teams

"Marketing Strategies For Growth

In Uncertain Times"

"Integrated Marketing - The

Alignment Super Power"

"Outbound And Event Marketing:

Tactics To Securing ROI On

Digital And In-Person Events"

"The Inside Track: Finding Out What Your CMO/CEO Really Cares About"

"Life After Corona - Don't
Get Left Behind"

"Revisiting Your Marketing Mix"

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