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The Sales Impact Academy's marketing programme introduces Demand Generation - a relatively new concept in B2B marketing that focuses across the entire customer funnel, accounting for every touchpoint in the buyers’ journey.  


The course covers the full cycle: driving awareness of your product or service amongst your target audience, converting that awareness into highly qualified inbound leads, and working with the sales team to convert those leads into valuable customers.


Heavily metrics focussed, the demand generation team sits within the overall marketing organisation and will have clear inbound lead targets aligned with the overall sales targets.  


The Demand Generation course is designed to teach you how to set up and manage a successful demand generation team, creating predictable and repeatable interest in your company's products or services. It is suitable for founders and senior teams in start-ups and scale-ups regardless of whether they have marketing experience.

Remote - Video Conferencing

15 x 1 Hour Lessons

5 Weeks