Go-To-Market Fundamentals

Course Syllabus

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Remote - Video Conferencing

6 Weeks

6 x 1 Hour Lessons followed by 6 weekly check-ins

13:00 (UK time)

Startup CEOs, Founders, Product Leaders, Sales & Marketing Managers

Class 1

Specialising Your Roles

  • Team structure best practise

  • Process overview 

  • Unit economics

Class 2

Know Thy Niche

  • Clarify the specific pain you solve

  • Understand your unique genius

  • The characteristics of a great niche

Class 3

Elevator Pitches

  • Structuring your pitch

  • Content development

  • Pitch delivery practise

Class 4

Ideal Customer Profile

  • Targeting the right companies

  • Frameworks for ICP development

  • How to test and learn

Class 5

Buyer Personas

  • Moving from deal stakeholders to personas

  • Negative personas

  • Persona development templates

Class 6

Customer Interviews

  • A missing role in startup-land?

  • Engaging with prospects and customers

  • The absolute truth with 9 rules

Class 7 - 13

Weekly Check-Ins

Following the 6 classes, you will work your way through the Go-To-Market Fundamentals Workbook. You will have one session walking through the workbook in detail, followed by weekly check-ins to help you manage the workbook and a comfortable pace and to facilitate answering any questions you may have. The course will be concluded with a final session going through what you have learned and discussing how you can continue the work you have started.

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