LinkedIn Social Selling Masterclass

Course Syllabus

Coach: Daniel Disney

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| All Levels | 3 weeks | 2pm UK time | 1-hour classes |

Suitable for: All front-line sales people

** This course is taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays **

Class 1

Profiles & Personal Brand Growth

  • Best practise profile set up

  • How to develop your personal brand on Linkedin

  • Growing your personal brand over time

Class 2

Connecting & Network Growth

  • Searching and using Linkedin's filters

  • How to successfully connect with prospects

  • What to think about when growing your Linkedin Network

Class 3


  • Contacting people over Linkedin using written messages

  • Using Linkedin's audio messages

  • How and when to send videos over Linkedin messages

Class 4

Content Part 1

  • Content best practises when posting on Linkedin

  • What's the most important part of your message?

Class 5

Content Part 2

  • When is the best time to post?

  • How to increase the reach of your content posts.

Class 6

Tools & Strategy Planning

  • Best tools to use together with Linkedin

  • Planning your content, connection, and growth strategy

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