Managing The Complete Sales Cycle

Course Syllabus

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Remote - Video Conferencing

6 Weeks

18 x 1 Hour Lessons 

13:00 (UK time)

Anyone who take sales opportunities

from a qualified lead to a closed deal

Class 1

Introduction to Managing the Complete Sales Cycle

  • Know what to expect from the next 6 weeks

  • Importance of evolving your sales process

  • Maintaining momentum on deals & developing a winning mindset

  • Creating a learning culture within your sales team

Class 2

Thinking and Acting like a CEO

  • Changing your mindset to help your business succeed 

  • Become an expert in your business

  • How & when to take control of your business

  • Taking responsibility for fixing problems in your business

Class 3



  • Importance of effective qualification

  • When to use data or conversational qualification

  • Optimising your qualification process for your company’s stage

  • How to use several qualification frameworks & asking the correct questions

Class 4



  • Why deep discovery is important for winning deals

  • Implementing rigorous discovery call processes

  • Conducting discovery & asking great questions 

  • How to uncover the buying process and stakeholders

Class 5



  • Why gaining ‘Vision Lock’ with your prospect is essential

  • Structuring your meetings to deliver maximum value

  • How to most effectively prepare for your meetings

  • Know how to conduct deeper discovery in your meetings

Class 6

Delivering an

Effective Presentation

  • Understanding the core objectives & optimal flow for your presentation and demo

  • The 3 guiding principles for making your presentation memorable

  • Know how to structure your presentation for maximum impact

  • How to introduce your company & solution

Class 7

Delivering an Effective Demo & Selling Remotely

  • How to prepare for your demo to set you up for success

  • How to structure your demo for maximum impact

  • The common mistakes you need to avoid

  • Top tips for remote selling, your virtual sales environment
    and WFH

Class 8

Understanding & Managing the Buying Process

  • Which information is key to uncover in the buying process

  • Understanding the various stakeholders you need to
    engage with

  • Key questions to elicit your prospects’ buying process

  • The use of a mutual action plan to set up the next steps

Class 9

Stakeholder Management and Engagement

  • Understanding the motivations of different stakeholders

  • Being able to identify and map various stakeholders in the buying process

  • Engaging with the right stakeholders at the right time

  • How to maintain momentum and engagement in your deals

Class 10

Value Propositions


  • Learn how to build compelling value propositions using real life examples

  • Understand the challenges of creating a value proposition

  • The opportunity to workshop your own value proposition

  • The importance of deep discovery in creating your value proposition

Class 11

Proposals that win (special guest Andy Bounds)

  • How to structure your proposal for maximum success

  • Understand how to add value and stand out from the crowd

  • Key mistakes to avoid with your proposal 

  • How small changes can make a massive difference

Class 12



  • The win-win goal & why it’s so hard to obtain

  • How to leverage the rule of reciprocity

  • Building a framework to manage your negotiations 

  • How to strengthen your position & avoid discounting

Class 13

Driving Focus in Your Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Why ‘focus’ in your Go-to-Market strategy is imperative for achieving success

  • How to find and qualify early adopters

  • Narrowing your market focus to deliver maximum success

  • Building focused multi-channel outbound campaigns

Class 14

Effective Pipeline and Time Management

  • Why mapping your sales process to your customers buying process is essential

  • Importance of defining your pipeline stages & having a clear exit strategy

  • The necessity of having a CRM and keeping on top of it

Class 15

Maximising Sales
Value from Events

  • How to create & execute face-to-face & online Events

  • Important data to collect from leads

  • Best practice event behaviour and how to follow up

  • Working with marketing to achieve success

Class 16

Sales Frameworks
& Methodologies

  • SPIN, SPICE, Challenger & Sandler Frameworks

  • Depicting commonalities between frameworks

  • Deciphering which one will work best for you

Class 17


Ding Dong!

  • Live Discovery workshop to help you implement best practices in your Discovery calls and the Deep Discovery phase of your meetings

Class 18

Course Wrap Up

  • Overview of key learnings

  • Top 10 things to implement immediately 

  • Advice on embedding the learnings within your team

  • Q&A

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