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3rd June

Turning Your Sales Team into LinkedIn Rockstars


The Million

Pound LinkedIn Message

- How SDR's are building HUGE brands on LinkedIn
- How Sales & Marketing leaders can leverage that to generate leads
- What Sales & Marketing leaders can do to fuel that growth
- What activities help build strong personal brands on LinkedIn
- How to measure and monitor growth

Dan Disney

10th June

Partnerships 101: The keys to successfully building scalable B2B programmes

Matt Bray

VP Global Channel & Alliances


- Understanding the investment in making a partner programme work
- Creating the right structure to track and scale
- Targeting the right partners
- Tips & tricks for engaging partners (Executive sponsor to shop-floor)
- Deliverables and measurements of a partner manager

17th June

Pete Goes Deep On..

Pete Crosby



24th June

The Product-Led Approach
to Growth

Kieran Flannagan

VP Marketing


Product-led growth is more than just a buzz word; it’s the go-to-market strategy behind some of the fastest-growing companies on the planet.

But, what the hell is Product-Led growth, and why should you care about it?

In this presentation, we’re going to explain why Product-Led growth has become such a popular method of growing a company.

We’ll cover examples from well known Product-Led brands on how they do things differently. And, we’ll tell you what are the most important factors that go into a Product-Led strategy, including:

- Understanding your Product-Led growth metrics
- How it changes the role of marketing, sales, and product
- And how it changes how teams work together.

After the presentation, you’ll understand why Product-Led growth is becoming the de facto way for companies to grow and thrive.

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